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Hope With Every Heartbeat

June zoomed by as per usual for most of us, but for some others it was as if time came to a standstill, robbing them of everything they once knew.

She couldn’t help but wonder why she would shed a tear
As merely a detached and passive observer
A stranger sharing the same geographical boundary
Yet in a world of her own trying to figure out her story

Catching a glimpse of their pain and suffering from the sidelines
She’d rather not know how it feels like to be in their shoes
Why then, these waves of sadness and lingering emotions?
Maybe “to be human is to love, even when it gets too much” 1

They say, stay strong and fear not, little star
“But the truth is the stars are falling, ma
And the wolves are out calling, ma
And my home has never felt this far” 2

When her tears run dry, and her faith runs low
She’ll “keep on hoping
When it all feels broken
Got to keep your hope alive” 3

Eloquent words and inspiring speeches she has none to offer
Only a prayer of comfort and peace she murmurs at the altar
Assured even if she lives to see “a thousand slowly dying sunsets
God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts” 4.

Lyrics reference :
1. To Be Human – Sia feat. Labrinth
2. Ease – Troye Sivan feat. Broods
3. Hoping – X Ambassadors
4. People Help the People – Birdy

These are just a few of the songs that have fallen victim to my repeat button lately :p




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