Timeless Goodness

I am lamenting again about how hastily the year is MARCH-ing on.

Everyone else seems to be progressing with the times, but here I am, unwilling to budge – instead I am clinging on to what I acknowledge now as the good old days, I am hoarding memories – reluctant to move.


Two weeks ago, I received an unexpected Facebook message from someone I briefly met before during an event last summer. It was the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time! AJ (initials) told me she enjoyed my #bakingblessings tag and reading my blog (*gushes*), and it prompted her to try her hands at baking (yay!) cookies for her flatmates during Valentine’s Day. What surprised me even more was that she felt God’s love was evident through my actions. REALLY? I’ve never thought of it that way, I’ve always just done it because it’s something I (selfishly) enjoy :p

That message was a real encouragement, blessing and boost for me. And it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Lately, my emotions have been fluctuating (it always does) – I would be in rather high spirits for a few days and just plunge into the deep dark recesses of my mind for no good, apparent reason (or for reasons I’m ashamed to admit sometimes). J pointed out that I could be like business cycles, you know with the booms and slumps. (Haha, that econs joke)

SO I decided to make some cookies to pass on the blessings. They were super simple to make and turned out a great hit with everybody! These babies were whipped up on a Monday morning and were gone by Wednesday. All thanks to Smitten Kitchen for that ahmazingg recipe and Sarah/WL for discovering it! (We made those for Nat’s birthday previously, so yummeh).

DIY cookie jar for WL‘s belated present :p

Here’s the link to the recipe :

 Trust me, the name makes sense after you’ve tried one of ‘em.

I usually alter the sugar levels in recipes, but I followed this recipe’s quite closely. I might have been a little heavy-handed with the chocolate chips, but I doubt anyone minded hehe. These are so (sinfully) good that it’s going into my staple list of things to bake. Don’t think chocolate will ever go out of fashion! :p

Till next time,



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